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About Us

Freetrademark is an Indian based legal firm that brings you with complete services in IPR services in patent, trademark, and copyright in India under the supervision of top rated and experienced attorneys and solicitors who are serving the society with the same segment of business law in India including company registration, corporate incorporation in India, business formation and many more. Here, we comprised of long team of highly qualified attorneys and authoritative lawyers who are always ready to come over with any of the complex legal matter. Freetrademark offer legal services not only to Indian premises but also to all across the world. We at here will serve you with the best of legal advices on all business law matters to all types of organizations, government bodies, individual and companies. These long favorable teams of solicitors have made us with unique platform while offering with top rated services while maintaining the long lasting relations with the clients.

Patent Registration India
Patent registration India where our attorneys and IPR lawyers will offer you with diligent services in patent filing, patent registration, patent protection and many more services related to patent in India. While processing with the same; our attorneys represent the case wholly on the client's behalf where we serve you with the complete documentation and litigation process.

Trademark Application
Here, we as a legal firm also bring you with trademark services in India where the complete segment of TM including trademark registration, trademark search, trademark application, trademark protection and many more services in trademark have been offered by the freetrademark legal firm.

Copyright Registration
Apart from trademark and patent services; here we also serve you with copyright registration where we assist our clients about respective copyright services in India where we bring you with the list of services that can be registered under the copyright law in India. Here, our IPR lawyer will guide you in the complete segment of copyright registration in India where we re-check the standard of copyright, file an application, copyright protection and many more services in copyright in India.