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Copyright Registration India

The technical development keeps pace with modern copyright law plays a crucial role in the intellectual property in promoting the national and universal cultural values preservation, balance and maintains the authors and other right holders as well users, and the public interest and in view of education, culture, scientific research and the needs of the free access to information, care and protection of copyright and related rights in the broad effectiveness of the meeting. With the favorability of copyright and its worth to the society provokes the importance of copyright registration in India.

All type of work is not really to come under copyright. There is a particular theme of work including photographic works, creation of a computer program, sculpture, drama, painting, literary, journalistic, musical drama, joint planning, arts and crafts, television play, mapping and other cartographic works, art of industrial design, cinematographic, literature, drawing, accompanying documentation, engraving artwork and design, architectural and design, scientific work and many more that comes under copyright registration in India.

Copyright Registration Services

Under copyright registration services the author's intellectual creation arising from the activities of individual and original nature of the providers. This protection does not depend on quantity, quality, or aesthetic characteristics from the standard works of value judgment. Copyright protection does not extend to products of the press release of the underlying facts or daily news. Copyright act do not fall under the protection of laws likewise to trademark or patent laws; but effects to other legal instruments of state control, judicial or administrative decisions, administrative or other official communications and files, as well as standards made obligatory by law and other similar regulations. An idea, concept, concepts, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical operation cannot be the subject of copyright protection. Thus, mail us at to get best legal advices under the same.