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Copyright Rights

The copyright belongs to the intellectual property rights, which is regulated by law and national level. The copyright in the literary, scientific and artistic works protected by the copyright registration, while carrying with rules and regulation being stated under the respective act. The Indian copyright law distinguishes between individual rights that cannot be transferred and transferable, inheritable property rights. The copyright protection of intellectual and artistic works, eg. Literary works, paintings, sculptures, texts, plays, photographs, films, radio and television programs, music and sound recordings.

The copyright rights of the author's intellectual creation activities arising from individual and original nature of the creative art. This protection does not depend on quantity, quality, or aesthetic characteristics that only arise from the standard works of value judgment. The copyright rights of the owner where he or she can exercise on the whole or partial part of the service or product. The copyright owner can make over with the rights of production, translation, reproduction and can also pass some or whole sectio of rights to other person.

Copyright Rights Permissions & Usage Terms

Below are the copyright rights permissions and usage terms that are generally grant to patent owner in respect of creative art of work.

Personal Rights : The copyright holders or copyright owners of the creative and innovative works honored with a set of rights in order to protect their personal and property rights. "The author of the work that register register under copyright; entitled to the copyright law including the moral and economic rights and all." This means that the copyright owner may decide to work how to display, and how to enforce copyright protection, and to whom he or she can pass authorization of usage of work and to whom to deny.

Property Rights : Under copyright, the author has an exclusive right to work on the whole or on the part of the material in the form of an identifiable and non-material forms while using of each or any of the authorize. This means to decide to what extent the work is replicated, distributed, displayed or translate.