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Patent Registration India

Patent is another integral part of IPR that needs protection in respect of unique ideas and innovative products. The patent provides legal protection of inventions by patent holders of the preferred position compared to competitor's products and technologies to create a market. The patent owner has exclusive rights to the invention, utilization, however, the patent duration and territorial validity is not unlimited, the protection of the patent application date up to 20 years can apply, and only that (those) of the country (ies) in which (s) the patent is granted. Before the expiry of the same; one should need to renew the patent while filing an application for the same.

Patent Registration Services

Under the patent registration services here our long team of patent professionals and IPR attorneys will guide you on the matter of patent registration in India. Under the IPR act of Patent there are several rules and guidelines that one needs to comply with the same before applying for pattern registration certificate in India.

Here our attorneys will create a complete map as a prototype regarding how to get process with patent registration services.
  • First, we go through the proposed work in respect of which patent is need to apply.
  • Then, we decide whether the proposed work is able to register under patent or not.
  • Further, we make the list of require legal documentaries that the author or owner need to submit with patent application.
  • After getting with all the require documents an application is further submit to govern bodies.
  • During the same process, we too offer the best services in patent protection in India where we follow the procedure of patent prosecution and litigation along with pct filing in India.

Thus, if you are planning to hire any of the experienced and proficient patent company in India then you just mail us through online inquiry form.