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Trademark Symbols

Symbols that may be a form of text, words, image, graphical design, artistic lines and combination of all these and Trade symbols can be called by business mark, promotional mark or advert symbol that use to make a business or company familiar with outside world. Symbol must be communicable enough that can be easily understandable and can recall in mind by the target audience.

Trademark is a mark that comes under the registry of trademark act. A mark with registration cannot be copied, cannot be infringed or can't be maltreated by any of the third party. Any of the mark or trade symbol can be register under the trademark act 1999 but there are some conditions that one need to accompany with. While applying for trademark symbol; the first thing that every person needs to concern is unique symbol. A mark should not conflict with any of the already registered symbol. After getting selection of the proposed trademark the next step is to file an application whereby mentioning all the details about the trademark and its respective usage means region where it will get launch, good and services for which is gets use and many more services are need to be mentioned over there.

Trademark Symbols and Meanings

Trademark symbols are the marks that represent the company graphically all across the world. It not only makes the company familiar to its target market; but also makes fix the company or business with the tag of quality and reliability. Under the trademark symbols; you can use your business mark on any of the promotional material including letter head, banners, pamphlets, company cards, portfolio and can use for other advert tools. Thus, if you need to have safe business promotion and dealing across the world; then just accompany your business mark under trademarks symbols in India.